Spelt Wholemeal Sourdough 780g
Spelt Wholemeal Sourdough 780g
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Spelt Wholemeal Sourdough 780g

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Traditional style sourdough made with wholemeal spelt flour.  Cold-fermented to achieve maximum flavour and health benefits!

Please note all loaves of bread come sliced, and sealed in a plastic bag.

*Please note: our bread is baked the day prior to delivery to allow time to pack and ship.  In addition, our delivery vehicles are refrigerated, to ensure pies and sausage rolls stay at the right temperature for food safety.  So, when your Shepherd's bread arrives at your house, it might feel 'firm' to the touch, which can make it seem stale.  Rest assured, if you leave it on the bench to return to room temp, it will feel a lot fresher in no time!  If, however you like to freeze your bread, go ahead and pop it straight into the freezer to maintain max freshness as soon as it arrives.  


Organic stoneground spelt wholemeal, water, sea salt, leaven.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Craig Holden
Nice loaf

Probably prefer it to be uncut

Rose French
Beautiful wholesome bread

My entire family eats this bread and I keep it out on the bench for a number of days and it remains delicious for the entire time. It's well made and tasty. Will continue to purchase from Marrickville every week.

Excellent product and service

We have someone who is sensitive to all grains, not just gluten, so I was hesitant to try the sourdough bread such as this. After years of experimenting and failing with alternate flours, and seeing discussion about true sourdough, I jumped in. Wish I'd done it years ago. I agree with comments here - mild flavour and moderate texture, toasts well, even straight from the freezer. They also called me when I forgot my first pickup, and arranged out of hours pickup. Thanks!

Joan O
Lower in gluten - good flavour

As one of our family members is sensitive to gluten, this Spelt loaf can be eaten by him in small amounts without causing problems. It is good for sandwiches and toast. It is a mild flavoured bread that is not too heavy. Good texture.

Lily C

Best of all healthy breads