Perky Peanut Donut (BOX - 5 pcs)

Perky Peanut Donut (BOX - 5 pcs)

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If you love our dreamy Perfect Peanut Bars, we feel confident you’re going to go ‘nuts’ for our new raw Perky Peanut Donuts, made with 100% natural, delicious peanut butter!

Topped with vegan dark chocolate and chopped raw peanuts, these addictive peanut butter clean treats are more than just a pretty face.  Nutty, rich and moreish, they have an incredible flavour and texture you have to try for yourself.  Plus, like all Nice Kitty products, they’re jam-packed with health benefits thanks to their all-natural, preservative free ingredient list. 

Peanuts not only contain loads of our favourite good fats, they also contain fibre, which can help lower cholesterol plus they’re an ample source of vitamin E.  Our Peanut Butter Donuts double down on the peanut goodness with both raw peanut butter AND dry roasted peanuts!

When combined with dates, cashews, raw cacao and coconut oil, the taste is delicious – smother the whole lot in rich, vegan dark chocolate and you’re talking out of this world flavour. 


Dates, raw peanuts, raw peanut butter, coconut, raw cacao powder, vegan dark chocolate, coconut oil

  • Vegan
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • No Refined Sugar
  • Raw
  • Plant Based